96mm Personalised Printed Ribbon

From £5.95


Personalised Printed Ribbon for gifts, crafts and promotional goods.

Select from white, cream, black, pastel pink, pastel blue, navy, fuchsia or red 96mm single faced satin ribbon.

We can print in black, blue, pink, white, metallic silver or metallic gold. Please note that we can only print in a single colour.

As well as printing your own choice of text, we can also include an image from our selection to suit your occasion.

The text and image chosen will be repeated along the length of the ribbon. The number of repeats will depend on the text and image chosen.

We will use our artistic judgement to position your text and images on the ribbon. Please get in touch if you have any particular requirements.

1 – 4 metres: £5.95 per metre
5 – 7 metres: £5.60 per metre
8 – 24 metres: £5.30 per metre
25 – 50 metres: £5.00 per metre
51 – 100 metres: £4.80 per metre
101 – 499 metres: £4.50 per metre
500+ metres: £4.20 per metre

Please note that printed ribbons are not washable.


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